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How Much Does Pool Service Cost In Phoenix?

Pool Service Cost Phoenix2

The average cost of pool service in Phoenix is $233 per one time cleaning. Average cost of pool service for one time cleaning in Phoenix ranged from $121 to $372 in 2018-2019. See below to find prices for regular cleanings and other maintenance projects.

  • Weekly pool service in Phoenix costs $125. Average weekly pool service in Phoenix  ranged from $100-$150 in 2018-2019.
  • Bi-weekly pool service in Phoenix costs $125. Average bi-weekly pool service in Phoenix ranged from $100-$150 in 2018-2019.
  • Monthly pool service in Phoenix costs $115. Average Monthly pool service in Phoenix ranged from $80-$150 in 2018-2019.
  • The average opening and closing swimming pool maintenance cost is $450. Average opening and closing swimming pool maintenance ranged from $300 to $60 in 2018-2019.
  • The average other services (filter replacement, repairs, utilities) maintenance cost is $400. Average other services (filter replacement, repairs, utilities) maintenance cost ranged from $140-$665 in 2018-2019.

Average Pool Cleaning Service Prices

Most swimming pool professionals charge anywhere between $75 to $100 per hour. Many offer a full range of services including but not limited to regular cleanings to maintenance of equipment to closing and opening he pool at the end of and the beginning of the season. Exact pricing can be determined by getting a free quote and the final cost will depend on the type of pool you own and its size.

Price To Clean An Above-Ground Pool vs. An In-Ground Pool

According to Homeadvisor $75-$100 per hour are the expected charges for cleaning, regardless of pool type. This is because both need the sides and bottom of the pool swept either by an automated cleaner or manually.

Looking from an average standpoint, it can be generally said total cleaning rates are less for above ground units for both those without and with a deck, just because of their more compact size when you compare them to in-ground pools. Because the interior is easy to access, the job takes less time, hence the lesser charges.

How Much Does Salt Water Pool Service Cost In Phoenix?

Salt and the cost of chemicals range from $70-$100 per year. In addition, you need to budget for $200-$800 every 3 to 7 years for the replacement of the salt cell. While there is greater up front cost of build a salt water unit, usually there are lower costs of maintenance that help offset some of the initial outlay.

Salt causes corrosion and it my (or may not) shorten the life of heaters, seals and other equipment. A professional can do a thorough inspection and suggest preventative measures to minimize the damage to your equipment. A good example of this is placing a disc made from zinc (cost $15) in your skimmer to absorb the corrosion.

Indoor Pool Maintenance Costs

Far less maintenance is required for an indoor pool but they do use around $15 of chemicals every month. Indoor structures are not exposed to dirt and debris like outdoor pools are, all the more so if you purchase a pool cover that can range in price from just $30 for a simple woven cover to more than $10,000 for an automatic version. Covers also have the advantage of helping to keep the water warm and they also reduce humidity.

Advantages of Using A Professional Pool Service

Professional and experienced Technicians must be familiar with engineering, plumbing, electrical components and chemistry to service your pool properly. However, many national companies who have high rates of turnover because of low pay frequently rely on inexperienced new employees. However, a local expert will likely offer a level of experience, ability and local knowledge that are worth a great deal. You should also search for and read positive online reviews for companies near to where you are located.

Annual Cost To Upkeep A Pool

The average cost of basic yearly upkeep on a pool is $1,500. On the high end you can expect to pay around $1,800 per year down to around $1,200 on the low end yearly upkeep costs. When you add in repairs and utilities, homeowners can expect to spend an average of $4,000 a year with costs ranging from $3,00-$5,000 per year for the pool to be kept in a good working condition.

How Much Does Weekly Pool Service Cost In Phoenix?

If you want a professional to perform weekly or bi-weekly maintenance on your pool you are gonig to be looking at costs ranging from $100 and $150 per month with an average of $125. Usually sold as service packages, they typically include the following:

  • Emptying Skimmers.
  • Applying Chemicals,
  • Checking Water Levels
  • Water Chemistry Testing

These services are vitally important to keep the pool safe and clean for use and packages like these are often the best option for homeowners who want to enjoy their pool but do not have time to complete the tasks themselves.

How Much Does Monthly Pool Service Cost In Phoenix?

Professional maintenance by an experienced technician runs on average $115 per month and ranges from a low of $80 to a high of $150 per month, depending on the services you require. Below gives you an idea for of costing for different maintenance packages and the services they include.

$80 per month

  • Test water pH.
  • Check equipment, filters and settings.

$90 per month

  • Test water pH.
  • Check equipment, filters and settings.
  • Brushing
  • Empty baskets and traps
  • Robotic cleaners check

$150 per month

  • Test water pH.
  • Check equipment, filters and settings.
  • Brushing
  • Empty baskets and traps
  • Robotic cleaners check
  • Vacuum
  • Skim

Free Pool Cleaning Estimates in Ahwatukee, Arizona

Receive a free pool care estimate in Ahwatukee, Arizona, by giving BPC Pool Maintenance a call today at 480-907-7959. Learn more about our pool service in Ahwatukee.

Troubleshoot “Pool Filter Not Turning On” In Ahwatukee, Arizona

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Troubleshoot Pool Filter Not Turning On In Ahwatukee Arizona

If you are searching “Pool Filter Not Turning On” Near Ahwatukee, Arizona, Brian’s Pool Care can help!

Pool Filter Not Turning On In Ahwatukee, Arizona

If it seems like your pool’s filter may not be turning any (or) it does not have any sounds coming out of it. Here is what to do if there is no sound coming from your pool filter.

If there is no sound coming from your pool’s filter:

If nothing happens when the switch is flipped and there was no sound heard at all, take a look at the circuit breaker, this can be checked by flipping the breaker on and off, and back to on.

If you have it on a mechanical timer switch or a digital timer switch you will need to look at the Visual Motor Check and check the tiny motor gears to see if they are turning.

If your system has a GFCI outlet wired to it, you will need to check it and see if the red button has not popped up.

If there is power getting to the timer clock or the timer switch, you will need to look at the wires that run from the switch, going to the pump for signs of any damage, then, inspect the connections found on each end, you will be looking for loose wires or even an insect infestation.

However, if there is no power getting to the timer clock or the timer switch, it means that the switch or the breaker is either bad or its tiny little motor has died, or that one or more of the wires running from the breaker to the timer clock, or timer switch could be broken or loose. Here is what to do if there is sound coming from your pool filter.

If there are sounds coming from your pool’s filter:

If there is a humming sound coming from the pump motor when you try to start it, it could mean that the start capacitor is bad. If it is a Hayward pump, it will be the black cylinder which is mounted near the rear of its motor. This can be removed and replaced very easily.

However, before you order a new capacitor, make certain the shaft has not frozen up with rust. In order to spin the shaft, you will need to disconnect the power at the breaker, and remove capacitor (@9 o’clock) and (@ 12 o’clock) for the thermal overload in order to be able to slip a 7/16th inch wrench into the slotted shaft.

In order to break off any rust that has accumulated between the stator and the rotor, you will need to wiggle the wrench in the shaft by going through several revolutions. Next, you are going to re-secure the thermal and the capacitor overload switch.

PROFESSIONAL Pool Filter Repair In Ahwatukee:

If you can’t figure out how to fix your problem, let the professionals troubleshoot your pool filter not turning on. Brian’s pool care offer pool filter repair in Ahwatukee to help homeowners get their pool filters working again. Schedule Pool Filter Repair In Ahwatukee, Arizona by Calling Brian’s Pool Care at 480-907-7959 to receive professional pool filter repair services in Ahwatukee, Arizona.

Steps To Backwash Your Diatomaceous Earth Filter


How To Backwash Your DE Filter

If your Googling the phrase “How To Backwash DE Filter“, this step-by-step guide should help! Backwashing a D.E. filter means that you are reversing the water flow to be able to clean out the dirt and debris that has been collected within the diatomaceous earth filter over a period of time. The pool water is pumped through the filter backwards and is forced through the drains waste port. This guide will show you the 5 main steps that are required to backwash your pools D.E. filter.

What is a DE or Diatomaceous Earth?


DE is skeletons of fossilized single cell organisms that are called diatoms. It is a white powder that is added to your filter which creates a DE cake, which latches itself to the grid inside of the filter. This cake is what is used to help filter out fine particles, dirt and debris. DE filters do take a lot of work to maintain, but they are the best types of pool filters to clean your pool water with.

How To Tell When It Is Time To Backwash Your DE Filter 


This is where tracking the pressure will come in handy. Once your meter goes up by 9 to 10 pounds over your normal starting pressure, it will be time to backwash your filter. For instance, if the starting pressure is 10psi and it reaches 20psi, it is time to backwash the filter.

It won’t hurt to backwash your filter early, if you would like to, but it is more beneficial to let some of the dirt and debris build up in your filter. This build up helps to catch the smaller stuff that would make it through a clean filter. To start, let us start with showing you how to backwash your pools D.E. filter.

How To Backwash Your DE Filter Step-by-Step Guide


  1. Turn the power to your filter system off and then turn the multi-position valve to the one that states backwash or pull open and twist the push or pull valve on the backwash gate.
  2. Turn your filter system on and run it for 2 minutes in order to backwash the water out of the backwash valve or port. If you have a backwash hose that is installed, it is a great idea to place it flat on the ground with the hose pointed towards an area that you don’t mind water sitting for a while.
  3. After a few minutes, shut the filter system off. If you have a multi-position valve, then turn it to rinse and then turn the filter on again and run for 1 minute. If you have a push or pull valve, then run for an extra minute.
  4. Turn the system off again and turn the multi-position valve to filter and shut the push or pull valve.
  5. Next, turn the filter on and add more DE powder to your skimmer basket and ensure that you have read the filter instructions before you add the DE powder.

Steps for Backwashing Hayward DE Filters


In order to backwash a Hayward DE filter, turn your system off and twist open your backwash valve. Use your bump handle to bump the Hayward filter 15 times slowly. Keep your backwash valve open while you turn the system back on and allow it to run for a few minutes. This is perfect for rinsing out your DE that you shook off in the filter.

Turn the system off again and repeat the steps above to ensure that your DE is rinsed away. Bump it again 15 times slowly and then turn the filter system back on for a few more minutes.

Then shut your system down and close the backwash valve or replace your cap. Start your filter system up again and add more DE powder to your skimmer basket.

When & How Often Should I Backwash My DE filter?


Your DE filter pressure gauge will tell you when it is time for you to backwash your filter. The pressure gauge on the DE filter is there to tell you that the pressure is too high in the tank. The pressure will build up because of dirt and debris that is collected in the filter. So the more debris, the higher the tank pressure will be.

After you backwash the filter for the first time, take a look at your gauge reading as you will need it again so don’t skip this step. This is going to be your starting point of tracking your pressure as it increases.

How Much DE To Add After Backwashing Your DE Filter


How Much DE Powder To Add After Backwashing

First, you will need to find the square footage of your DE filter. It should be on the side of the tank, if it isn’t then you can search Google to find out or contact the place where you purchased the filter. Diatomaceous earth is normally measured in pounds, so it will help if you have 1 pound DE scoop, if not you can use a 1-pound coffee can to measure as well.

We hope that you have enjoyed our guide “Steps to Backwash Your DE Filter”, so stay tuned for much more helpful pool maintenance and cleaning posts from Brian’s Pool Care.

Professional DE Filter Cleaning In Ahwatukee, Arizona


Receive a free DE filter cleaning quote in Ahwatukee, Arizona by giving Brian’s Pool Care a call today at 480-907-7959.