LED Pool Lights

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LED lights transform your pool from ordinary to extraordinary with a dynamic element which enriches the atmosphere of your pool and the area around it. Great for setting the tone at parties or just relaxing and recovering from your day, BPC is your go to for top of the line pool LED products and installations. LED lights are very energy efficient and will not only look great while adding new life to your environment and property; they will save you money on your power bill. Replace your old energy wasting 75 watt pool light, or your old fiber optic pool light with our state-of-the-art new LED lighting technology! Call BPC to get your pool party started right!!

BPC uses Hayward and Zodiac LED pool systems; pics below:

LED Pool Lighting Ahwatukee

Hayward LED:

Hayward LED Pool System, Brians Pool Care, Ahwatukee

Zodiac LED:

Zodiac LED Pool Systems, Brian's Pool Care, Ahwatukee