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Algae is a common enemy that every pool owner must do battle with. It is very easy for spores to make their way into your pool via wind and rain among other means and unexpected blooms can pop up out of seemingly nowhere. Blooms can occur when the pool is exposed to light and warm conditions, unbalanced water and in the presence of nitrates and/or carbon dioxide. There are many types of algae and BPC is equipped to take on all of them. Algae is unsightly and can clog plumbing and pathways in your pool equipment, including your filter.

Common Types of Algae: There are more than 21,000 types of algae, but the pool maintenance industry has simplified the classifications by categorizing them by color.

Green Algae: The most commonly encountered type of algae, green algae typically appears up when filters aren’t as clean as they should be and when your water Ph is unbalanced.  The algae usually floats on the pool’s surface, but will also cling to the walls. If not tackled early you will end up with a green pool, and nobody wants to swim in a green pool!

Yellow Algae: Yellow algae clings to the walls of your pool where sunlight doesn’t often reach. This is a very stubborn form of algae and if not handled promptly, you may spend your entire pool season trying to get rid of it. It is resistant to standard chlorine levels so, acting quickly to eradicate it is a must.

Black Algae: Black algae is another tough type of algae type to encounter. It appears as small black or blue/green spots with roots anchored in tile grout and plaster. It has several protective layers that keep out sanitizing chemicals and if the roots are removed, a new bloom will occur in the same exact spot. It is said that a common way for this form of algae to make it into a pool is via a swimsuit that has recently been in ocean water. Make sure you wash your suit between swims.

Pink Algae: Really a bacteria, pink algae shows up in crevices and corners. It spreads slowly and rarely will you see a bloom take over a pool.