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Pool Maintenance & Service

Pool Maintenance Ahwatukee AZ

Pool Maintenance Service (Ongoing)

Ongoing pool maintenance services we provide:

  • Vacuum and brush the pool
  • Clean waterline tiles and skimmer baskets
  • Backwash pool filter and system
  • Pool filter inspection
  • Test, monitor and adjust the water to health department standards

Understanding Your Pool’s Filtration System

Your pool filter system has multiple parts that work together. With pool maintenance, these individual parts are much less likely to have problems and will last longer with proper pool maintenance.

Different Parts Of Your Pool’s Filtration System

Pool Skimmer – You pool skimmer draws the water into your drain from the very top of your pool.

Vacuum Hole – The vacuum hold is located inside of your pool skimmer. The skimmer actually pulls water in trough the vacuum and sends it to your filter to get cleaned.

Pool Drain – Your main pool drain is located at the bottom of your pool and pulls water directly into the filter to clean it.

Pool Pump & Pool Motor – Your pool pump is what sucks the water into the skimmer and pushes it back out of the water inlets.

Pool Filter – Your pool filter is a piece of pool equipment used to clean the water that is being vacuumed or drained.

Why Choose BPC Pool Maintenance:

  • We are an Arizona LLC corporation
  • We are a family owned and operated pool service company that is ready to take of all your pool needs with quality, responsibility, and reliable service every time.

Our Pool Maintenance Services includes checking the chemical balance of the water, and cleaning of your pool filters.

Free Ahwatukee Pool Cleaning Quotes

“This company is great. After being given extremely high quotes and uncertain responses by other “reputable” pool care companies, I accidentally stumbled upon BPC. I initially emailed an inquiry and was called within 5-10 minutes. The gentleman was nice and professional and completely empathized with my swamp pool situation. He came out the next day and evaluated and then gave me a fair estimate. As they went along my old pool started breaking down but he salvaged what he could to get the most life out of everything. I really appreciated not having to spend an “arm and a leg” on the pool repair even though it all essentially was my fault of neglect. Their every week service is superb and they always leave a slip to let you know they were there, what they did, and the pool chemical levels. I can reach them by phone, text message, email and I always get a quick response. Seriously consider this company for your pool maintenance and repairs. I’ve never had better consistent and honest service.” Destiny Bira

To get a FREE Ahwatukee Pool Maintenance Quote, give BPC Pool Maintenance a call today at 480-907-7959.