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How Much Does It Cost To Acid Wash A Pool in Ahwatukee?

How Much Does It Cost To Acid Wash A Pool

On average, acid washing a pool costs about $217, average prices ranged from $178 to $255 for pool acid washing in the US in 2020 according to

What is the Cost to Acid Wash a Pool?

Your gorgeous pool is the main feature of your outdoor living area and the highlight for your social gatherings, so the growth of algae, calcium residue and stains are a major issue. Dealing with those difficult stains typically needs an acid wash, a process an experienced pool cleaner should be hired because of the dangerous chemicals that need to be used. Prior to you starting to look to hire a pool professional for the project, take a couple of minutes and learn more about what the costs involve.

Acid Wash Pool Cost

The cost to acid wash a pool is subject to your location, access to the pool’s, the time of year and how big the pool is. For a pool that measures around 500 square feet, the costs typically range from the low cost of $178 to a high cost of $255. This price comprises of the cost of labor and all the required chemicals.

If you plan to acid wash your own pool, your only costs will be for the various chemicals, in which cost about $30. You might also need to purchase a sump pump and rent or buy protective clothes.

When to Acid Wash a Pool

Having a pool built is a fantastic way to get more pleasure out of your backyard, nevertheless pools need routine maintenance to help keep the water clean and to hinder the growth of algae and/or stains. When you leave your pool unused for any period of time, the growth of algae begins to stain the surface of the pool and makes the water slippery. When your water is static and you can’t see the bottom of your pool, it’s time for the draining of the pool for an acid wash. You might also want to acid wash your pool when calcium residue has caused discoloring of the pool surface.

Benefits of Using A Professional Pool Service

Experienced and professional pool techs are required to be knowledgeable with engineering, plumbing, electrical parts and pool chemicals for servicing your pool correctly. Nevertheless, a lot of national pool companies that have high turnover rates because of low pay, often times hire inexperienced new pool techs. Despite that, a local pool professional will most likely provide a level of experience, capability and local knowledge that are invaluable. It’s a good idea to also search for and read positive online reviews for pool companies near Ahwatukee.

Acid Washing Vs. Pool Cleaning

Typical pool cleaning does not involve draining the pool. General pool cleaning processes comprise of:

  • Scrubbing the pool with a stiff pool brush
  • The removal of leaves and floating debris with a pool net
  • Cleaning and/or the replacement of the cartridges inside the pool filter
  • Checking the pools chemical levels and adjusting as required

Acid washing a pool is a more significant undertaking. It involves completely draining the pool and then utilizing an acid solution for the removal of a very fine film of the pool’s surface, hence the removal any calcium residue and stains.

Pool Service in Ahwatukee, Arizona

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