Green Pool Cleaning Ahwatukee

Green Pool Cleaning Ahwatukee

Do you have green water in your swimming pool? Our team can help! BPC Pool Maintenace provides green pool cleaning in Ahwatukee to clear up your green pool water fast. Call BPC Pool Maintenance at (480) 907-7959 today to speak with one of our green pool cleaning specialists.

Stop wasting money on DIY green pool cleaning methods that don’t work. Hire a reliable pool cleaning company to get the job done right, the first time. This saves you money, time, and frustration trying different DIY pool treatments. Not only can we clean your green pool, but we also can get rid of the stains on your pool walls.

Before & After Photo Green Pool Cleaning in Ahwatukee


Here are a couple of before and after green pool cleaning photos taken in the Ahwatukee AZ area
Ahwatukee Green Pool Cleaning Before And After Photo

Green Pool Cleaning Ahwatukee AZ

3 Common Reasons Why Your Pool Water Turned Green


There are generally 1 of 3 reasons why your pool water has turn green in the first place. Read about each reason below.

Pool Chemical Imbalance

Your pool water actually needs to have a pH level of 7.2 to 7.8 to kill bacteria and algae. If your pH level is off, even just a little bit, it can prevent your chlorine from working properly. Chlorine is the main chemical in your pool water that kills algae and bacteria. If the chlorine or pH levels of your pool water aren’t within the correct ranges, you may end up experiencing 1 of 2 issues;

  1. High pH Levels – If you have a high pH level, chlorine doesn’t work efficiently and will cause calcium or scale buildup.
  2. Low pH Levels – If you have a low pH level, your pool water will start to become acidic and eat away at the plastic, plaster, and metal components of your pool. Also, water that is acidic is not safe to swim in.

BPC Pool Maintenance can get your pH levels back to normal and clear up your green swimming pool water.

Clogged Pool Filter Or Pool Vacuum

If your pool filter is clogged, it cannot remove enough algae and bacteria to keep your pool water clear. Also, pool vacuums are one of the most common reasons pool water turns green. If your pool vacuum isn’t cleaning the surface of your pool, your pool water will stay green no matter how much chlorine you add. Check to make sure there is nothing blocking the suction hole on your pool vacuum first. If that doesn’t do the trick, give us a call to get your green pool inspected by a pro.

BPC Pool Maintenance will do a thorough inspection of your pool to diagnose why your pool water is turning green and offer suggestions on how to clear it up quickly.

Plants & Tree Contamination

Believe it or not, plants and trees can actually throw your pH levels off the most. Do you have a plant or tree that is near your pool? Does that plant or tree drop leaves in the water? If the answer is yes, that could be the reason your pool water is turning green. A healthy dose of algaecide is recommended for pool water that is frequently in contact with plant life.

Don’t know how much algaecide you need? Give BPC Pool Maintenance a call today. We know how much chemicals you need to keep your pool water clean at all times.

Our Green Pool Cleaning Methods


We offer 2 green pool cleaning methods for you to choose from. Chemical cleaning is usually the most common type of green pool clean we do but if you water is bad enough, there is a chance we might have the completely drain your pool and refill it again.

Chemical – Green Pool Cleaning

The chemical cleaning method of green pool cleaning includes chlorine shocks, pool filter cleaning, and backwashing throughly. We repeat that process until the pool water is clear again. If the chlorine isn’t enough to completely clear it up, we then add an adequate amount of algaecide to get it sparkling clean.

If your pool just recently starting turning green, call us now before it cost you more money to clean. The longer you wait, the more algae and bacteria will grown. The more algae and bacteria we have to clean up, the higher the price. Plus if your pool water is bad enough, there might not be a chance to save it. You may be forced to drain the pool water completely, which costs a lot more money.

*Important: Pool chemicals can be very toxic. Make sure you consult a professional if you plan on cleaning up your green pool yourself.

Drain & Clean – Green Pool Cleaning Method

If you can still see the bottom of your pool, you might not need to completely drain your pool. Although, if your can’t see the bottom, chemicals might not be able to clear up the water. In this case, the only option might be to completely drain the pool and refill it again with clean water.

Once the water is drained, our team cleans out debris left at the bottom, followed by a blast of chlorine to kill off the remaining bacteria and algae.

The final step is to refill the water and bring the pH back to a normal level again.

If we do in fact need to drain your pool, do not worry, we do this all the time and will try to make it as affordable and trouble free as possible. However, we will try everything in our power to avoid having to drain your pool.

Need a local pool company to perform green pool cleaning services in Ahwatukee? Call BPC Pool Maintenance at (480) 907-7959 today to speak with one of our green pool cleaning specialists.

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