How To Acid Wash A Pool

Acid washing is a necessity for all pool owners. This cleaning process removes a thin layer from the surface, ridding the area of any calcium deposits or stains. Use our guide below when attempting to wash the area yourself.

Acid Wash Steps

To properly acid wash your pool, follow these simple steps:

❒ Drain the pool completely.

❒ Mix one gallon of Muriatic acid with one gallon of water in a bucket.

❒ Use a hose to saturate one pool wall.

❒ Pour the acid mixture on the pool wall from top to bottom in 10-foot increments.

❒ Leave acid on the plaster for at least 30 seconds.

❒ Thoroughly rinse this section.

❒ Use soda ash in order to neutralize the pool area.

Anyone attempting to acid wash a pool area needs to be properly protected. Wearing protective equipment like gloves, a mask, goggles and boots, is recommended since you will be working with chemicals. Start this process by completely draining the pool, followed by cleaning up any leftover debris afterward. Once all protective equipment is on, mix your combination of acid and water. Add the acid to the water; not the other way around.

Make sure your hose does not feature a nozzle when you start saturating the walls. The water flow must be consistent during this part of the process. Pour the mix in 10-foot increments while simultaneously scrubbing and cleaning the surface.

Rinse the area thoroughly 25-30 seconds following the acid wash. You will want to rinse this quickly and efficiently to prevent the acid from eating away at the plaster. It is typical to see a puddle of residue forming at the bottom after this cleaning process. This can deteriorate the plaster, so remove the residue promptly.

Why Acid Wash Your Pool?

Magnesium or copper stains can cause plaster deterioration, which makes acid washing a necessity for pool owners. Calcium deposits can have the same impact on your pool area and these stains cannot be removed by simply scrubbing the surface.

How Much Does It Cost To Acid Wash Your Pool?

The cost to acid wash a pool is subject to your location, access to the pool’s, the time of year and how big the pool is. For a pool that measures around 500 square feet, the costs typically range from the low cost of $178 to a high cost of $255, according to ImproveNet. This price comprises of the cost of labor and all the required chemicals.

If you plan to acid wash your own pool, your only costs will be for the various chemicals, in which cost about $30. You might also need to purchase a sump pump and rent or buy protective clothes.

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