Cleaning A Green Pool

Are you looking for the how to clean a green pool in 24 hours? If you answered yes, then you are in the right place. This article has 9 steps for you to use to turn your water from green to clear, including how to use a sand filter.

First, you need to know that you cannot clear a green pool in less than 24 hours, so this article is going to tell you how to clear it in around 4 to 5 days. The best method to keep your water clear is to have weekly or bi-weekly maintenance and cleaning done by a pool service company regularly. This ensures that you will never have a green pool.

Fastest Way To Clean A Green Pool

The fastest way to clean a green pool is by using pool chemicals and your pool filter. This process usually takes around 4-5 days but you will start noticing a major improvement after 24 hours.

1. Remove the Large Debris

Check the pool bottom for any large debris and remove it using a leaf net. You may have thought about using a skimmer, but don’t. You will just stir up the water and make it look worse than it was. Remove the debris as carefully as possible without stirring the water up.

Important: If you are unable to see the bottom of the pool, do not vacuum it. You will risk clogging or damaging the filter, skimmer and underground plumbing pipes.

2. Adjust the Pool Chemical Levels

Adjust your pH and alkalinity levels in the pool by using Alkalinity Plus and pH and pH minus. The chemical levels need to be in a certain range or your water will never be clear.

3. Shock the pool water

Shocking the pool water is just over-chlorinating it. You are increasing the chlorine level by adding up to 5 times the normal amount. This kills the bacteria that causes algae which turns your pool green. Owners need to be familiar with the shocking process because it will be needed for pool maintenance. Not sure how you can do it properly?

Time of Day

The best time to shock the pool is after the sun has gone down. Shocking the pool in the sun will affect chemical levels and can cause problems that could cost you more money. Shock it right the first time around, next you have to pick the shock type.

Choose a Shock Type

You will be able to pick liquid or powdered shock. If you pick a powder shock, you will need to add more water to your pool. For instance, for every pound of shock you use, you need to add 5 gallons of water. Stir the shock and water mixture until there are no granules left. The granules will sink to the bottom and damage the pool if it isn’t dissolved right. Liquid chlorine is much easier to use. You just pour it into the pool. Ensure that you spread it around and don’t just pour in one spot. Continue this for a couple of days until you notice the water change from green to a cloudy white. Add liquid chlorine to your filtration system so that it can be cleaned too. You will notice that the water going back into the pool once the filter is back on, which helps to spread it around.

Important: Never swim in pools that have been shocked. Wait until the water is completely clear before you touch the water. The water reader needs to be less than 3ppm to swim.

Add Algaecide

Add an algaecide to your water to remove the rest of the green algae.

4. Let the Sand Filter Run

Sand filtering and backwashing are needed to remove the green water and contaminants that made it green. Don’t just run the filter without backwashing. Green water could clog your filter. Backwashing the sand filter is normal and it would be the same steps that a professional would do to clear a green pool. There isn’t a thing as too much backwashing. The more you filter than backwash, the faster that your pool will become clear.

For DE Filters, remember you need to add more DE to your skimmer as close as you can to filter backwashing. Run the filter for 24 hours and backwash the pool filter around 4 times during the same day to get faster results. DE filters will clear green pools 50% faster than a sand filter.

5. Pool still not clear after 5 days?

If you have followed all the instructions and your pool isn’t clear in 5 days, then you could have pump or filter issues. Call a pool repair company to avoid any more damage.

You have spent a lot of money at this point and have to let a professional handle it. Your pool technician will give you a pat on the back for trying and then clean it the way it needs to be. That is why they are professionals, they have the experience needed to clear green water and dirty pools.

6. After Care

Once the water is mostly clear, you will notice some debris on the bottom of the pool. If there is just a small amount of debris then you can use a skimmer to scoop it up or use a pool vacuum and let it do its thing. If there is more debris than you can skim or vacuum, call a pool technician to professional vacuum it. This will save your filter from wear and tear as well as clogged pipes.

7. How to Clean a Green Pool Video

If you find that you are having trouble following the cleaning guide, check out the YouTube video that has all the steps in order and what products you will need.

8. Cleaning Products and Pool Chemicals

Ensure that you are purchasing the cleaning products and pool chemicals you will need to clear the pool. All of them can be found at a local pool supply store.

  • Water testing kit
  • Pool vacuum
  • Algaecide
  • pH chemicals
  • Shock chlorine
  • Chlorine tablets
  • Liquid or powder chlorine

9. Enjoy a non-green pool

Hopefully, you have cleared your pool or if not, called a professional that can help you. We hope that you enjoyed the “How To Clean A Green Pool In 24 Hours“. Stay tuned for more helpful maintenance, cleaning and pool tips from Brian’s Pool Care.

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